Eostar O2 Essence 4-in-1

Eostar O2 Essence 4-in-1


We believe in the entire 10-step process but look for products that work overtime and multi-task. The O2 Essence 4-in-1 product replaces your toner, essence, moisturizer and eye cream. Made with a concentration of florals and botanicals, the product infuses oxygen in to the skin to brighten, firm, and improve overall texture. Best of all, this product layers wonderfully, so feel free to add a night cream on top. 


1. Pump a quarter sized amount into the hand.

2. Smooth the product all over your face.

3. Wait for the oxygen bubbles to bubble all over your face.

4. Lightly tap the oxygen bubbles in to your skin.

Ideal for Combination and Oily skin types.

Size 100ml

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