Cleansing Oil is to Ciara as Foaming Cleanser is to Missy: 1-2 Step Cleansing


After a long day at work + commuting on a NYC subway + wrestling 3 kids into a bedtime routine, washing my face is nothing short of a spa day. 

Step 1 - Cleansing Oil

Thankfully, I have an amazing cleansing oil that magically dissolves the entire day + waterproof mascara. Cleansing oil is the gift that keeps giving, especially during winters when your skin feels extra dry and parched beyond repair. The cleansing oil is dual purpose and dual action to help dissolve make up, grime, and take off the day. It also leaves a nice barrier on the skin to prevent your skin for feeling taut or too dry after the foaming cleanser. I typically grab an unscented baby wipe to wipe away everything and then go into Step 2. 

Right now, I'm obsessed with Banila Co's Clean it Zero. We'll be stocking these next month in our mini boxes so be sure to check back soon.

Step 2 - Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser makes no shortage of bubbles, which to me is the best indicator that my face is getting clean. Korean cleansers are really good at being gentle on the skin but harsh on makeup and dirt. Since we already wiped away makeup, oil, and cleansing oil, step 2 is all about that next level of clean. Go ahead and foam away. One common mistake that I often see is not spending enough time on rinsing your face with water. Make sure that ALL of the soap is completely gone before you turn off that water. AND always remember to PAT your face with a towel. No rubbing allowed :)