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Change the way you K-Beauty.



SKYN BOX is Korean skincare made simple.

We believe in simplifying skincare. With so many products, brands and skin concerns, how do you know what to buy and where to begin? That's where we come in. Through our unique curation process, we've found products that are designed specifically for each skin type - dry, combination, and oily.

And while we love the Korean 10-step, it can feel and seem overwhelming. We've simplified the 10 steps by process, so you have your steps covered. SKYN BOX is the new way to K-beauty.



Not sure where to begin? Check out our minis and kits.

Our boxes make skincare convenient and simple because they include everything you need to get started. Organized by simplified skin types, we're sure you'll find a mini box or kit that you've been looking for. We believe in the power of trying before you buy since skincare is an investment after all - we want to make sure it's the right fit.

Simplified Skin Types

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Tightness and dryness accompanied by flaky and irritated skin may mean you have dry skin. Our products focus on hydration to soothe and cure. 

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Dryness on the cheeks and oiliness across the T-zone may mean you have combination skin. Our products help to balance the skin.

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Oily on cheeks and T-zone with frequent breakouts may mean you have oily skin. Our products help cure and prevent acne and minimize pores.

Step-by-Step Instructions.

Our goal is to simplify and personalize your skincare routine. That is why every SKYN BOX includes step-by-step instructions. When handling 8-10 products, it can be overwhelming to know what to do and where to begin. That's where we come in.